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Saturday, January 28

Israeli forces arrest 3 merchants from Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation arrested on Tuesday three Palestinian merchants from Gaza at Eretz Crossing in northern Gaza Strip.

The three merchants hold merchants’ travel permits, the Palestinian liaison office, which reported the information, said.

Special sources reproted the names of the three merchants to Days of Palestine reporter. They are Said and Adel abu-Talha and Imad al-Ijlah.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Israeli occupation forces have arrested 11 Palestinian merchants from the Gaza Strip at the Eretz Crossing.

Israeli sources claimed that the three merchants were part of a network which is working to smuggle banned materials to the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli occupation, the materials which are banned from entering the Gaza Strip are cement and any other material related to construction and metal works, in addition to several essential kinds of food, medicines and medical equipment.

“Erez Crossing has become a trap for Gaza merchants who have newly received entry permits from the Israeli occupation,” a Palestinian liaison official said.

The prohibition on certain materials comes as part of the 8-year blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip by the internationally-backed Israeli and Egyptian occupation.