Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 2

Watch: Israeli soldiers question Palestinian kids in beds

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Masked Israeli soldiers break into Palesitnian homes, wake up children, and interrogate them during the dead night.

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem released on Tuesday two videos showing the Israeli soldiers inside Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil searching everything and waking up little boys to interrogate them.

B’Tselem said that the videos were captured on the night of February, 23, 2015. It described the videos as: “Israeli troops arrived at the Wadi Al-Nasarah neighbourhood, which is near the security fence of the settlement of Kiryat Arba [in Al-Khalil].

“The soldiers, who were masked and armed, entered two buildings located by the gate in the settlement’s fence. The two buildings consist of a total of ten apartments, most of which are homes of families with children.

“The soldiers entered each apartment and ordered the parents to wake their children and bring them into the living room. In some cases, after parents voiced their objection, the soldiers allowed girls or young boys to carry on sleeping.

“In other cases the soldiers insisted that all the children be awakened. The soldiers photographed the children, asked them to state their name and age, and in some cases even questioned them and demanded to know whether they throw stones.

“Testimonies collected from the families by B’Tselem state that the soldiers conducted a brief search of all the apartments, each lasting a few minutes, but concentrated mainly on identifying and photographing the minors who live there.”