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Cancer rates in Gaza increased after Israeli wars

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Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Cancer rate has sharply increased in the Gaza Strip in wake of the three Israeli wars against the coastal enclave, Palestinian ministry of health revealed on Thursday.

A recent report prepared and published by the ministry of health in Gaza revealed a harp increased in the number of registered cases of cancer along the Strip.

The report showed that the rate of cancer cases increased to 73.1 per 100,000 inhabitants in the war-torn enclave.

According to the director of the information department in the ministry physician Atef Mos’ad, the findings of the report were discussed in a workshop organised by the ministry to raise awareness among its staff about this diseases and its new challenges.

Khaled Thabet, director of the tumours department at Al-Shifa Hospital, stressed that the increasing number of cancer cases is a result of the pollution caused by the use of internationally-prohibited weapons by the Israeli occupation.
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The participants in workshop called for the establishment of a cancer treatment centre for patients to receive comprehensive therapeutic services instead of having medical treatment in different places or abroad.

Most of cancer patients are forced to travel abroad for proper treatment because of the lack of the needed equipment due to the eight-year-old Israeli blockade on Gaza.

Banned weapons

Burns caused by white phosphorus used by Israeli occupation in Gaza.
Burns caused by white phosphorus used by Israeli occupation in Gaza.

During its wars, Israeli occupation fired shells containing white phosphorus, which causes horrific burns when it comes into contact with skin. Under international law, phosphorus is allowed as a smokescreen to protect soldiers but treated as a chemical weapon when used against civilians.

“We have seen Gaza used as a laboratory for testing what I call weapons from hell,” said David Halpin, a retired British surgeon and trauma specialist, who has visited Gaza on several occasions to investigate unusual injuries suffered by Gazans.

“I fear the thinking in ‘Israel’ is that it is in its interests to create as much mutilation as possible to terrorise the civilian population in the hope they will turn against Hamas.”

Gaza’s doctors, including one of the few foreigners there, Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian specialist in emergency medicine working at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, reported that many of the injuries they saw were consistent with the use of DIME.

Wounds from the weapon are said to be distinctive. Those exposed to the blast have severed or melted limbs, or internal ruptures, especially to soft tissue such as the abdomen, that often lead to death.