Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

‘Israel’ killed 2,240, arrested around 6,000 in 2014

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West bank –Israeli occupation killed 2,240 Palestinians and arrested 5,824 others during 2014, study centre said.

In its annual report, Ahrar for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights said that the Israeli occupation killed 2,240 Palestinians in different areas along the occupied Palestinian territories during 2014.

The report said that 2,181 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, most of them during the 51-day savage Israeli war, 58 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, while one Palestinian was killed in the occupied Palestine –‘Israel’.
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About the Palestinians arrested by the Israeli occupation, the report said that 170 Palestinians were arrested in the Gaza Strip, 5,539 in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, while 115 were arrested in occupied Palestine.

During 2014, one Palestinian prisoner died inside the Israeli occupation prisons. The report attributed the reason for his death to violent torture when he was being investigated.

Meanwhile, the report said that 30 Palestinian MPs were arrested during that year. Ten were released and 20 of them, in addition to two former ministers, are still inside the Israeli jails.

Throughout reading the report, it was clear that the Israeli occupation has mainly targeted the Palestinian university students. The number of university students arrested during the year was 800.