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Tuesday, January 31

Israeli official: ‘new war on Gaza very soon’

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Days of Palestine, Reports –An Israeli official warned on Friday that a new Israeli war on the Gaza Strip is coming soon.

“In the light of the current escalation, war with Gaza is just a matter of time,” claimed the head of the illegal Israeli settlement of Eshkol in the Western Negev, Hayim Yilin.

Israeli authorities claimed on Friday that a projectile launched from the south of the Gaza Strip landed in the illegal settlement.

That projectile was alleged to have been the third to be launched since the Israeli war on Gaza during the summer.

“Whoever thinks that military deterrence is the solution for tranquillity is mistaken,” said Yilin. “Wars are treated only by politicians, who can achieve security and tranquillity after wars.”

Although there was “an abnormal chance” of achieving a long-term solution, he added, ‘Israel’ now finds itself facing an exploding situation that is leading to a new war.

Meanwhile, Danny Danon MK called for the Israeli government to respond “strictly” to any attack on the Israeli residents in the south of the country.

His parliamentary colleague Miri Regev called for the government to fight “terrorism”.

Despite daily Israeli attacks on Palestinians and the absence of any Palestinian response except throwing stones, she also claimed that there is no partner for peace amongst Palestinians.