Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Israeli bus driver runs over two Pals, kills one

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –An Israeli bus driver ran over on Tuesday evening two Palestinian workers from Neblus, wounded one and killed the other.

The Israeli bus driver from the illegal Israeli settlement of Dotan, which is built in the Palestinian lands of the occupied West Bank, ran over the two workers while passing near the Israeli checkpoint of Barta’a.

One of the two workers was seriously wounded and evacuated by the Israeli occupation to an Israeli hospital, but later one he was announced dead. Palestinian sources named him as Noor Salim, 22.

The other suffered moderate wounds and evacuated by Palestinian paramedics to a Palestinian hospital.
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He was named as Alaa Salim, 20. He is in stable condition.

Meanwhile, seven Israeli settlers beat the Palestinian driver Islam Obaid, 25, while having a break from his work in Deir Yassin, Jerusalem.

Obaid said that he was driving, and when he took off his van to have a break in a coffee, the settlers approached him and beat him.

He was admitted to hospital with light wounds, bruises and scratches in different parts of his body. He had his left hand broken.

The Palestinian said that the settlers attempted to kill him because they hit him in the neck and used an iron bar to hit him in the back.