Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

‘Israel’ orders arrest of 2-year old Palestinian baby

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli occupation forces stormed on Monday evening house of 2-year old Palestinian boy with an arrest order for him.

Palestinian citizen Bassam Zaidani told Days of Palestine that the Israeli occupation had stormed the house on Monday evening and asked about Hamza Zaidani.
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“Hamza is my 2-year old brother,” Zaidani said.

He added: “The Israeli forces raised an arrested order with Hamza’s name and started asking questions whether Hamza is the real name of the boy.”

“When they became sure that there is no family member with the name in the arrest order except the 2-year old Hamza,” Zaidani said, “they arrested my uncle Mohamed.”

Commenting on the incident, Head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club Qaddourah Faris said: “The Israeli occupation is feeling screwed regarding the anger of the Palestinian youth. It ordered the arrest of even an infant boy.”

Last week, the Israeli occupation forces attempted to arrest a Palestinian baby in the same city of Jerusalem, claiming he hurled stones at them.

They stormed the house and searched his pockets thinking they were full of stones, but they found them full of sweet candies.

As a punishment for the young Palestinian boys, who protest against them, the Israeli occupation authorities decided also last week to cut water supplies for their houses.