Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Hamas slams PA for failing to start rebuilding Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas slammed on Sunday Palestinian Authority (PA) for failing to start Gaza reconstruction.

In a statement, Hamas urged the PA to accelerate measures leading to the entry of construction material to the Gaza Strip in order to give a chance for the start of reconstruction.

The issue that pushed Hamas to speak out is that the winter season has already started and Sunday was very wet. “Tens of thousands of Gazans still have no place to settle in yet,” the statement said, “they spent all day under heavy rains.”

“Reconstruction of Gaza is one of the most important missions the PA has to carry out according to the unity government deal, but on the condition that there be no obstacles, physical or legal, to the entry of construction material,” the statement said.

Hamas growing frustration with the PA was over the latter’s failure to put pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to open the Gaza crossings, despite two different negotiation meetings with Israeli officials where it promised to do just that.

The statement stated other points that caused Hamas frustration with the PA. “Hamas has questions about several issues, which are the duties and responsibilities of the unity government,” the statement said.
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It also underscored the issue of the salaries of Gaza civil servants, security arrangements on the border, and managing the Gaza crossings, in addition to the reconstruction process.

PA officials have repeatedly promised that they would take over the crossings between the Israeli occupation and Gaza — currently controlled by Hamas, the reason given by the Israeli for refusing to lift the blockade — but have yet to take meaningful steps.