Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Abbas heckled over Hamas criticism in Arab summit

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Cairo –Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was heckled in the meeting of the Arab League foreign ministers as he started his speech criticising Hamas.
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A great deal of Egyptian and international journalists were covering the open session, when Abbas should have delivered a speech updating the Arab foreign ministers about the latest developments regarding the Palestinian issue.

“Since 2007, in wake of the coup in Gaza, all attempts [to end Palestinian division] did not succeed,” he inaugurated his speech. “Even the meetings in Saudi Arabia, which took place in Holy Mecca, failed..” This was his last word.

Mauritanian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ould Takdi, who ran the session, heckled Abbas, ordered the journalists out and announced the session to continue behind doors.

In a meeting with journalists on Saturday, Abbas severely criticised Hamas and warned he might break partnership with it if it insisted not to lay its arms in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, he described Hamas chief Khalid Mesh’al as being “vulgar” during the meetings that took place in Doha during the Israeli war on Gaza.