Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Occupation broke into 2,900 Pal facilities in WB

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces broke into 2,900 Palestinian public and private sectors’ facilities during its ongoing camping in the occupied West Bank, report said.

This campaign started in June 14, two days after three Israeli settlers went missing, near illegal Israeli settlement of Gush Etzion in Al-Khalil, and few days later were found dead.

Ahrar Centre for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights, which issued the report, said that the Israeli occupation carried out more than 500 military invasions to Palestinian cities and villages in the West Bank.

According to the centre, the Palestinians lost around $250,000 during the Israeli invasions to their homes, offices and workplaces.

Head of Ahrar Centre, who is a former prisoner, Fuad al-Khuffash said that furniture of more than 150 houses were completely damaged.

The Israeli occupation, the report said, bombs the doors of the houses it invaded. “This alone makes much damage,” the report said, “as well as it traumatises inhabitants, mainly children and women.”

Al-Khuffash said that the Israeli acts mount to violation of international law and international conventions, especially the Geneva Conventions, which prevents punishing protected civilians, damaging properties and carrying out collective punishment.