Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Occupation destroys schools, apartment buildings

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Israeli occupation forces destroyed over Tuesday night two primary schools and two apartment buildings in the Gaza City.

As the 51 days of the Israeli massive war on the Gaza Strip, backed by Arab regimes and international community, starts, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed two primary schools and two apartment buildings, in addition to tens of other residential buildings.

One of the schools, Ali Bin Abi Talib Primary School, is located in the south of the Gaza City. The second, Mo’een Bseeso Primary Schools, is located in the east of Sheja’ia neighbourhood, east of the Gaza City.

Israeli occupation forces claim that Palestinian fighters fired rockets towards Israeli settlements and city from both schools. However, the way the Palestinian fighters fire their rockets proves the impossibility that such facilities could be used for purposes claimed by the Israeli forces.
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Meanwhile, the Israeli warplanes completely destroyed two apartment buildings. The first one, Al-Basha Tower, is located in central Gaza City and it was home for tens of media and commercial offices. It contained a shopping centre in the first floor.

The second building, The Italian Residential Tower, is located in Al-Nasr, north-west of the Gaza City. It was a home for more than 50 families, in addition to around 30 others from the relatives and friends displaced from other areas in Gaza.

For the reasons why the Israeli occupation destroyed them, Israeli occupation forces said that both were used as control and command centres by Hamas operatives. The same thin as the schools, the Israeli occupation gave no kind of proofs about its claims.

Observers and analysts believe that the Israeli occupation has stepped up its attacks against civilian faculties in order to increase the number of displaced people in Gaza ahead of approaching ceasefire agreement. This would increase the burden on Hamas, the said.

Watch the minute when the Israeli warplanes targeted Al-Basha Tower and how it is collapsed: