Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Three senior Qassam leaders killed

Days of Palestine -

By Motasem A Dalloul

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Israeli occupation forces killed on Thursday morning three senior Hamas military leaders in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah.

According to witnesses, the Israeli warplanes attacked a four story residential building in Tal Al-Sultan neighbourhood in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medical sources said that ten people were killed and more than 25 others were wounded in the attack.

Hamas military wing Izziddin Al-Qassam said that three of its senior leaders were among the seven citizens killed in the attack.

Al-Qassam named its leaders as: Ra’ed al-Attar, Mohamed Barhoum and Mohamed abu-Shammaleh. All of them had been wanted for the Israeli occupation, on the background of their resistance, for more than two decades.

Israeli occupation recognised that it killed the top Hamas commanders in Rafah. Israeli Shin Bet, intelligence branch, said it targeted two Hamas leaders: Raed al-Attar and Mohammed abu-Shamaleh.

“The strike was the result of intelligence and operational activities, which led to the detection and attack on two central operatives from the heart of Hamas’ military leadership,” it said in a statement. A third Hamas member, Mohammed Barhoum, was also killed in the same airstrike.

Meanwhile, Al-Qassam and Hamas leaders said that the killing of the leaders would not affect the battle nor weaken the Qassam soldiers.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned that the Israeli occupation would “pay a heavy price for the assassination of Al-Qassam commanders.”

“The Israeli crimes will not break the Palestinians’ resolve, and will not weaken the resistance,” he said.


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