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Thursday, June 1

Israeli court confirms prisoner Abu-Hawash’s administrative detention order

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The head of the Palestinian Prisoners Media Office, Riyad al-Ashkar, announced that the occupation court rejected Sunday evening the appeal regarding the case of the prisoner Hisham Abu-Hawash, who has been on hunger strike for 118 days.

Al-Ashqar said, “The Israeli court this evening confirmed the administrative detention order for the prisoner Abu-Hawash, for a period of four months, despite the seriousness of his health condition due to the hunger strike for 118 consecutive days.”

He added that “the rejection of the appeal is a punitive decision against the prisoner Abu-Hawash because of his four months-long hunger strike.”

Prisoner Abu-Hawash, 40, was arrested on the 27th of October last year, and three administrative detention orders were issued against him, each for a period of six months, with the last order reduced from six months to four, subject to extension.

Abu-Hawash declared a hunger strike against administrative detention after the latest administrative detention order was renewed despite suffering severe aches all over his body, physical weakness, constant vomiting, weight loss, in addition to moving on a wheelchair.

Five other Palestinian detainees ended their hunger strike after an agreement with the Israeli Prisons Administration not to extend the administrative detention order against them and to release them as soon as the detention order expired.

Hisham Abu-Hawash’s quest for freedom began in 2003 as the Israeli occupation repeatedly arrested him, with the total amount of years he spent in prison amounting to eight, including 52 months under administrative detention.
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The Palestinian freedom fighter, from Dura, al-Khalil, has been in Ramla Prison clinic and has been detained since October 2020.