Days of Palestine

Palestinians gather to protect am mosque it from settlers in Lod city

Days of Palestine -

OCCUPIED LOD – Monday, December 06, 2021 (Days Of Palestine)

Palestinians from the occupied city of Lod gathered – on Sunday evening – in front of “The Big Mosque”; To protect it from any aggression that the Israeli settlers might carry out during their march through the city.

Palestinian lawyer and activist Khaled Zabarka said that what the people of Lod did constitute a deterrent to any attempt to target the mosque or the Palestinians in the city, as happened during the Dignity Revolution last May.

He explained that what happened in the city of Lod in recent months is evidence of the Palestinian people ability to protect themselves and their capabilities.

Yesterday evening, the settlers organized the so-called “flags march” that passed through the city of Lod and Ramle, with the participation of the extremist Israeli Knesset member “Itamar Ben Gvir”.

Last May, the Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and the occupied Palestinian interior failed the “flags march” that was to be implemented in Al-Buraq Square, along with massive incursions and attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque.
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In mid-June, settlers had carried out offensive activities against Muslims during the so-called flags’ march in occupied Jerusalem, and the Israeli occupation forces deployed about 2,500 soldiers, to secure the march.
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