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Human Rights organization refuses to use “FIFA” to whitewash crimes of Israeli occupation

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – London

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain condemned the participation of the President of the International Football Association (FIFA) Gianni Infantino in the opening ceremony of “Friedman Center” to Advance Abraham Agreement, which was held last Monday in occupied Jerusalem, and his talk about the possibility of holding the 2030 World Cup in “Israel” alongside Side with neighboring countries such as the United Arab Emirates to encourage normalization.

This came in an urgent message sent by the human rights organization, based in the British capital, London, to “FIFA” that “the FIFA president committed a grave and complex mistake in his participation in this ceremony as if he does not see or hear the daily crimes committed by Israel.
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The statement said that the participation of the FIFA president in such a celebration and making such statements indicate a lack of awareness of the dangers that result from it, as he, in one way or another, showed that a prestigious football institution, “FIFA”, is a supporter of a country that commits all kinds of crimes, foremost of which is a settlement.

The organization called on the International Football Association (FIFA) to open an urgent investigation of what the president of the federation did, to apologize to the Palestinian people and the football community, and to pledge to preserve football away from the complexities and problems of politics within the framework of respecting the basic principles of human rights.

The organization indicated that the rules governing the International Football Association prohibit it from engaging in political affairs and supporting any entity that violates its laws.
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The statement said: “The Federation is entrusted with organizing football tournaments according to the regulations and laws away from political quarrels, and it is his duty to prevent governments from interfering in the affairs of local federations, so how can the President of the International Football Association support an occupying entity that has oppressed and besieged a people for decades!”