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Wednesday, May 31

Seven prisoners continue their hunger strike in hazardous health conditions

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Seven prisoners continue their open hunger strike in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, refusing their administrative detention, the oldest of whom is Kayed Fasfos, who has been on strike for 94 days.

The prisoners on strike, besides Fasfos, are Miqdad al-Qawasma for 87 days, Alaa al-Araj for 70 days, Hisham Abu Hawash for 61 days, Shadi Abu Aker, who is on strike for 53 days, Ayyad Al Harimi for 24 days, and Khalil Abu Aram, a striker for the seventh day in a row. 

The media advisor to the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, warned of the seriousness of their health conditions, pointing out that the danger to them is increasing day by day. 

“There is a fear that they may suffer a sudden health setback and cause harm to their brain or nervous system, especially as a result of a lack of The amount of fluid in the body,” He added.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Israeli occupation issued a decision to freeze the administrative detention order given against the Fasfos prisoner, who faces a dangerous health condition inside the Israeli “Barzilai” hospital.

In a statement, the commission explained that the decision to freeze does not mean its cancellation, but rather it disclaims the responsibility of the occupation prisons administration and the “Shin Bet” intelligence for the fate and life of the Fasfos prisoner and transferring him to an “unofficial prisoner” in the hospital. He remains under the guard of “hospital security” instead of guarding the warders. 

According to the hospital rules, family members and relatives can visit him as any patient, but they cannot transport him anywhere.

In another context, 250 prisoners of Islamic Jihad continue to go on hunger strike for the fourth consecutive day to confront the harsh measures the occupation prison administration took against them.

Abed Rabbo said that the prisoners are continuing their strike. The coming days will witness the joining of new batches of prisoners from different factions if the prison administration does not respond to their demands.

He explained that the two prisoners, Muhammad Al-Amoudi and Hosni Issa, escalated their strike in Raymond prison by refraining from drinking water, which led to the deterioration of their health, and they were transferred to the prison clinic.
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It is noteworthy that the Israeli prison administration, since the sixth of last September – after six prisoners managed to wrest their freedom from Gilboa prison before being re-arrested, has begun to impose a number of harsh measures and double-tightening policies on the prisoners, targeting, in particular, the prisoners of Islamic Jihad from During their transfer, isolation, and detention in cells that do not meet the minimum conditions for human life, except for the transfer of a group of leaders to interrogation.