Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Israeli forces obstruct educational process in Bethlehem; student injured

Days of Palestine -

This morning, Thursday, the Israeli occupation forces obstructed the educational process in Tekoa’ Secondary School, east of Bethlehem, in the southern occupied West Bank.

Sources said that clashes erupted between the students and the Israeli occupation soldiers, which resulted in the injury of one of the students.

The administration of Tekoa’ Secondary School reported that dozens of soldiers were deployed in the vicinity of the school and obstructed the educational process amid fears that they would storm the school.

Local sources indicated that rubber bullets wounded a school student in the foot during clashes that erupted after storming the school’s perimeter, and clashes erupted. In contrast, several others suffocated with poison gas.

It is noteworthy that yesterday evening, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces closed the entrances to Tekoa’ with iron gates, imposed a strict siege on its 15,000 residents, and prevented vehicles from entering and leaving the town.

The director of Bethlehem Municipality, Taysir Abu Mufarreh, said that the soldiers announced a curfew on the pretext of throwing stones at settlers’ vehicles.
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At the same time, other measures were applied against the citizens living next to the street around it.

Israeli soldiers occupied an ancient building in the ancient city of Khirbet Tekoa’, and fired live bullets while converting the building into a random military observation point.

In the past few days, several confrontations erupted in the area after marches in support of the prisoners. The occupation deliberately deploys its forces in the area and provokes the students, leading to the outbreak of confrontations.

The town of Tekoa’ is subjected to constant attacks and abuse from the occupation and its settlers. In 1979, the Israeli occupation built a settlement road in citizens’ lands to connect the settlements and neighboring settlement outposts.

The Israeli occupation confiscated dozens of agricultural and grazing dunams by military decisions from the so-called “civil administration and the occupation army.”

Tekoa’ town is surrounded by five settlements, three of which are at the northeastern edge of the city, and two settlements are at the southern end of the city.

The town of Tekoa is located within the “E2” scheme, which is an “old and new” settlement project to isolate the city of Bethlehem from its southern countryside, as well as from the south of West Bank, by linking the “Efrat” settlement, southwest of Bethlehem, with the “Tekoa'” settlement south of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem is closed from the north because of the apartheid wall, and the west and east due to bypass roads and tunnels. There is no residential extension to the city of Bethlehem and the towns and villages of Artas, Wadi Rahal, and Handaza, except for this area.