Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Over 300,000 Israeli Settlers Demonstrate in Tel Aviv Against Israeli Judicial Reforms

M.S | DOP -

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers participated on Saturday, March 11, in demonstrations in most of the occupied Palestinian cities against the judicial reform plans that Netanyahu’s extremist fascist government intends to implement.

Reports indicated the participation of about 300 thousand demonstrators in Tel Aviv, which is the main headquarters of these demonstrations.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested a journalist in Tel Aviv, on the background of his tweet on Twitter, in which he described Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dictator.

As the Israeli demonstrations entered the tenth week in a row, the far-right government led by Benjamin Netanyahu continues to implement its legislative agenda next week, ignoring calls to stop and negotiate plans that have divided Israeli public opinion.

Netanyahu says the reforms are intended to prevent the courts from overreaching their powers.

The organizers of the demonstrations vowed to intensify their protests unless the government stopped these judicial reforms.

These judicial reforms are the cornerstone of Netanyahu’s government, which is made up of ultra-Orthodox Jews and far-right parties, which came to power in the Israeli occupation state last December.

This legislation gives the Israeli government more powers in the committee that selects judges and would limit the powers of the Israeli Supreme Court.