Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Opinion: Would king Charles be significant to Israel?

N.S | DOP -

As Queen Elizabeth has passed away days ago, King Charles III ,73, ascended the throne and gave his first official speech Friday night as the new king of the United Kingdom.

Charles is a friend to UK Jewry, with special and historic ties to Israeli Occupation; he conducted his first-ever visit to “Israel” in 2020. King Charles was the most senior member of the Royal Family to hold such a visit since the establishment of the state in 1948 on the Palestinian lands.

Meanwhile, he, King Charles, also visited the West Bank and met with Palestinian prominent leaders. He said that he was heartbroken to witness the suffering and hardship endured by the people of Palestine.

His bold words were described by Britain’s Sky News as constituting the biggest show of support that a member of the Royal Family ever has expressed for the Palestinians.

‘It is my dearest wish that the future will bring freedom, justice, and equality to all Palestinians, enabling you to thrive and prosper” King Charles added.

He believes that the Palestine-Israel conflict is the fundamental reason for the hostility and evil in the Middle East.

Yet despite his encouraging words for the Palestinians to prosper and have a state on their own, people of Palestine remain cautious and on alert.

Historically, British Government played a crucial role in establishing the state of Israel through Belfor Declaration in 1948.

People in Palestine believe that nothing will change, and King Charles would hold the stick from the middle with a little bias towards Israeli Occupation.