Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

On This Day 20 Years Ago, IOF Burned Nativity Church

On This Day 20 Years Ago, IOF Burned Nativity Church
M.S | DOP -

Dating back to 16, April, 2002, Israeli occupation forces fired bombs at the Church of the Nativity, which led to fires breaking out in the monks’ residence.

The occupation forces invaded the city of Bethlehem, like the rest of the Palestinian cities, which led to the outbreak of Confrontations between the Palestinian citizens and the occupation forces in the city.

In the evening, the occupation forces besieged the Palestinians near the Syriac Church in Bethlehem, and the confrontations continued for seven hours.

The Palestinian citizens managed to reach Omar Bin Abdel Aziz Mosque and then reach the Church of the Nativity to take refuge from the attack of the Israeli occupation forces.

The Palestinians took protection inside the Church of the Nativity, and then, the occupation forces imposed a 40-day siege on the church.

The occupation forces, including 3,000 soldiers, 200 tanks, and 30 warplanes, besieged 300 Palestinians and opened fire at the church.

During the siege, Israeli occupation forces killed 8 Palestinians, injured 14 others, and expelled others to Gaza and other countries.