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Thursday, February 2

PPS Blames Israel for Palestinian Prisoner`s Deteriorating Health

S.K | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) held Saturday, October 29, 2022  the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the deteriorating health condition of female Palestinian prisoner Azhar Assaf, who is now being denied badly-needed hospitalization in spite of her critical medical condition.

Palestinian prisoner advocacy group said in a statement that the female Palestinian prisoners have carried out a series of protest steps since yesterday, including rejecting meals.

The group pointed out that the Palestinian female prisoners are facing tragic situations on all levels, especially that some of them are suffering severe health problems and need urgent medical traetment.

Assaf, a resident of the village of Al-Jib, northwest of Jerusalem, has been detained by the Israeli occupation forcessince September 11, and suffers many health problems, including neurological, hearing and sight problems.

Nearly 30 female Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated in the Israeli prison of Damon, near Haifa with the charge of their resistance of the Israeli occupation of their homeland.