Days of Palestine

Tuesday, May 30

National Conference in Gaza Calls on World to Stop Israeli Fierce Settlement Activities



A popular national conference to confront the Israeli settlements was held on Tuesday in Gaza City, under the title (The Public National Conference to Confront Settlement), with national and popular figures attendance and participation.

The conference held after the fierce settlement activities which launched by the Israeli occupation and the Israeli settlers on the Palestinian land, and in order to push the world to confront and stop these Zionist settlement violations.

“The battle against settlements and the racist occupation is a national and popular duty to confront the settlement activities” Ali Al-Amoudi, head of the media department of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said.

Ali Al-Amoudi, head of the media department of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)

“The Zionist settlement aims to swallow up more of our Palestinian land in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Negev, Um al-Fahm and others, demolishing homes and expanding the settlement, in an unprecedented situation.” Al-Amoudi added.

“In 2021, the Israeli occupation approved more than 100 settlement plans in the West Bank, and the occupation issued more than 2,500 demolition orders for Palestinian homes and facilities, in addition to approving the establishment of approximately 18,500 new settlement units in Jerusalem.” He stressed.

“The number of settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem reached by the end of 2021 more than (700000) settlers, residing in (285) settlements and outposts, which take over more than (40%) of the area of West Bank.” He confirmed.

He also mentioned that the settlers practice the worst types of terrorism against the Palestinian person, such as killing, stabbing with knives, running over, burning, kidnapping, and others.

“2020 and 2021 were the worst, in light of the extreme right’s control of power in Israel; Where settlement expansion increased to reach the highest levels in 20 years, due to the American position biased towards Israel and supportive of settlement, in clear violation of international law.” Al-Amoudi said.

The conference concluded by emphasizing the illegality of the Israeli occupation in Palestine, and that the Palestinian people have the full right to resist it in all forms, as approved by international laws and norms.

The final statement of the conference also stressed that the Palestinians and the world must confront settlement, annexation plans and colonial expansion, confront this by all means and put plans and strategies to protect the steadfastness of the Palestinians on their land and holy sites.

The final statement also called for putting pressure on the international community, with all its institutions and parties, holding the Israeli occupation accountable for settlement and forcing the Israeli entity to stop it.

The statement concluded by calling on the international community to boycott Israel, which has not ceased to commit crimes, and does not respect international law.