Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

MP Mansour: Israeli Occupation Will Not End Without Resistance

M.Y | DOP -

Days of Palestine – Nablus

Palestinian lawmaker Mona Mansour has affirmed that the Israeli occupation state and its violations will not end and disappear without resistance and that the Palestinian people will continue to resist the occupation and will never surrender.

“Our Palestinian people are free and cannot accept injustice and aggression. They stand up to Israeli attacks even with their bare chests,” MP Mansour said in press remarks on Monday.

“For every action, there is a reaction, and the occupation’s violations, its daily raids on our people’s cities and villages and its aggression against the holy sites are confronted by the resistance that has confused its calculations and dealt painful blows to it most of the time,” the lawmaker underlined.

“The occupation has usurped this land by force and it will not leave this land except by force, resistance and unity. These are the rights of our Palestinian people and they are enshrined in all the heavenly and international laws,” she added.