Days of Palestine

Journalists Syndicate: 66 Violations of the Israeli Occupation Against Journalists last July


The Journalists Syndicate said that the frequency of targeting Palestinian journalists by the Israeli occupation army and its settlers increased significantly during the month of July, on Monday, August 8th

The Syndicate added, in a press statement to the Freedoms Committee, today, Monday, that the journalists were subjected to 66 crimes and violations, the most serious of which was the injury of 3 journalists by the Israeli occupation forces, while 28 cases of denial of coverage and detention were recorded, 24 cases of suffocation with tear gas and sound bombs, and 3 cases of assault, two cases of arrest, two cases of travel ban, and 3 cases of settler attacks.

The statement pointed out that the Israeli occupation army deliberately and premeditated targeted the press crews working on covering the events, despite their commitment to all professional rules, including wearing special jackets with the phrase “press” inscribed prominently in both English and Arabic.

The Freedoms Committee monitored the continued targeting of Palestinian journalistic content through communication platforms, as it recorded 12 cases between closing press pages or deleting publications.

An earlier report issued by the Journalists Support Committee (based in Beirut)on August 1st, stated that “the Israeli occupation arrested, on Monday morning, the 56-year-old former prisoner and journalist Nidal Abu Akar, after storming his house in Bethlehem.”

Abu-Akar was only released last May rising the total of his arrest year to 18 years, most of which he had spent under administrative detention.

The committee also made it clear that the Israeli occupation authorities prevented “two journalists from traveling so that they could not expose crimes abroad, during last July.”

It explained that “the travel ban and arrest come within the stratagy of restricting the transmission of the truth and exposing the crimes of the israeli occupation to the world.”

The committee also reported that the Israeli occupation authorities, as of August 1st, are arresting 17 Palestinian journalists and media professionals in their prisons.