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Jordanian Lower House Demands Expulsion of Israeli Envoy Over Smotrich Remarks

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The Jordanian Lower House on Wednesday passed a resolution to the Jordanian government to oust the Israeli ambassador from Amman due to remarks made by the Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich that were deemed by the government asradical and inflammatory, as well as his utilization of a map of “Israel” that encompassed both Jordan and the Palestinian Territories under Israeli occupation.

Ahmed AlSafadi, Speaker of the Lower House, voiced his demand for the Jordanian government to take action against Israel‘s finance minister during a Lower House session, as reported by AlMamlaka TV. He urged the Jordanian government to respond to the minister‘s controversial use of a map that incorporated the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, which are under Israeli occupation.

Safadi stated that such actions are unacceptable and constitute a breach of the peace treaty between Jordan and the Israeli occupation that was sealed in 1994, as well as of international standards.

At the Lower House session, there was intense disapproval of the Israeli minister‘s statements, with MPs making known theirrejection and condemnation of the extremist Zionist beliefs that were voiced, as reported by AlMamlaka.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee declared that the session, which had initially been a legislative discussion, had evolved into a public debate, and thus demanded an assessment of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel that had been signed.

On Wednesday, the committee declared that the conduct of Smotrich wasunsuitable and a breach of global standards and the treaty between Jordan and the Israeli occupation,” and viewed the remarks of the Israeli minister asa careless act of provocation.”

The statement declared that this conduct would not be detrimental to Jordan nor take away the Palestinians right to selfdetermination and an independent state.

The committee urged the Jordanian government to definitively address these irresponsible remarks and reexamine the peace agreement between the two nations.