Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Jordan, Qatar, and Egypt Condemn Israeli Killing of Palestinians in Jenin Raid

M.Y | DOP -

Jordan, Qatar, and Egypt issued separate statements of vehement disapproval of the Israeli attack on the West Bank city of Jenin and the resulting death of six Palestinians.

Jordan‘s Foreign Ministry has urged the Israeli occupation to immediately end its military acts of aggression against the Palestinian people, warning that such actions will only exacerbate the situation, and lead to further violence.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry characterized the attack as aflagrant breach of international legitimacy resolutions,” cautioning of an imminent eruption of violence in the Palestinian territories and calling on the international community to take immediate action to stop the Israeli assault, shield the Palestinian people and make the Israeli occupation answerable for its terrible offenses in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement expressing their complete condemnation of the policy of frequent Israeli invasions, which has caused numerous casualties among the Palestinian civilians and extensive property damage, including the destruction of homes and loss of lives, in clear violation of international law.

The statement indicated that the security and humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories has drastically deteriorated, posing a risk of destabilization in the region.

Egypt called upon all global entities, including the United States, the European Union, and members of the Security Council, to fulfill their obligations and cease any ongoing unilateral and escalating actions, in order to create a peaceful environment for successful negotiations and to prevent a vicious cycle of violence.