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Saturday, April 1

Israeli Siege of Jericho Continues for Second Week

Israeli Siege of Jericho Continues for Second Week
M.Y | DOP -

For the second consecutive week, Jericho and its nearby areas are still under tight blockade by the Israeli occupation forces, with roadblocks and checkpoints established on all the roads connecting to the city.

Israeli occupation forces checkpoints stop and thoroughly check every car leaving the ancient city, causing unsustainable delays and traffic jams.

Residents and travelers to Jordan, who have to go through Jericho to reach the Karama bridge crossing, complain of long delays and thorough searches at the occupation forces checkpoints placed at all entrances to the tourist city.

Palestinians have complained that the Israeli occupation is imposing collective punishment on the entire city, gravely harming it economy particularly during the high season considering that Jericho is a popular destination for internal and foreign tourism at this time due to its warm temperature during the winter season and the beauty of its terrain.

Occasionally, the Israeli occupation forces break into Jericho, mainly Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, as they did yesterday, and conduct searches. The last raid on the camp resulted in the injury of 13 Palestinians, including three seriously.