Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli Settlers Uproot 20 Palestinian Olive Saplings West of Salfit

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli Settlers uprooted 20 Palestinian-owned olive saplings in the al-Ras area of Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit, Friday, 16 December 2022.

In a statement, the Salfit governorate said that the Palestinian farmer Ahmed Amin Marei finished planting olive saplings on his land in the northeast of Qarawat Bani Hassan town this morning and he was surprised that the Israeli settlers cut and destroyed it when he returned to the land.

Palestinian towns and villages in the occuiped West Bank have seen increased raids and violations by colonial Israeli settlers. 

Since the beginning of 2022, Israeli settlers have carried out 290 attacks on Palestinians and their own property in the occupied West Bank, 230 of which caused property damage, and 60 of them caused injuries to Palestinian residents, according to United Nations reports. 

More than 650,000 colonial settlers distributed among 164 illegal settlements and 124 outposts built on the stolen lands of occuiped West Bank and Jerusalem.