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Saturday, March 25

Israeli Settlers Kill Palestinian Man South of Nablus

Israeli Settlers Kill Palestinian Man South of Nablus
M.Y | DOP -

Israeli Jewish settlers killed a Palestinian man on Sunday evening in the south of Nablus.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that 37yearold Sameh Hamdallah Mahmoud Aqtash succumbed to serious injuries sustained from live ammunition to the abdomen inflicted by the aggression of the Israeli forces and settlers in the town of Za‘tara, located south of Nablus.

It is noteworthy that two weeks ago, Aqtash was volunteering in Turkey, carrying out rescue operations in the wake of the deadly earthquake.

Palestinian youth in Nablus urged the Palestinian public to be on high alert, to rally behind and help the citizens of Huwara in defending themselves against any aggression from the settlers.

The 400 Israeli settlers who took part in an assault are now carrying out a violent and savage offensive in Huwara, Nablus.

Israeli Jewish settlers set fire to dozens of Palestinian houses and vehicles, resulting in numerous cases of suffocation, as well as injuries.

Israeli settlers launched an assault on the Burin village, igniting residences and automobiles, amid appeals for action to counter settler attacks.

A pall of smoke and flames filled the sky above Huwwara in Nablus, the result of arson carried out by settlers.