Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Israeli Settlers Establish Illegal Outpost in Jordan Valley

M.Y | DOP -

A local official today reported that Israeli settlers have established a new colonial outpost on the al-Baqai’a Plain in the northern Jordan Valley, a development typically foreshadowing the establishment of an unauthorized settlement.

Motaz Bisharat, a representative of the Tubas Governorate, reported that a band of Israeli settlers had established a livestock shed and brought cows in an effort to solidify their foothold in the area. Yesterday, they added three more huts, thus transforming the spot into an illegal settlement outpost.

He stated that the anticipated amount of land to be taken over by the outpost was estimated to be around 1,800 dunums.

Bisharat reported that the group of settlers responsible for establishing the outpost had launched a violent assault on the shepherds two days prior, even going as far as to strike one of them in the head with sticks and causing an injury.

In less than a decade, five unlawful outposts were set up by settlers in the upper Jordan Valley in an attempt to seize control of farming land and deny Palestinians access.