Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli Settlers Construct Outpost in Nablus

B.M | DOP -

Israeli settlers on Sunday morning, September 11, started building a new settlement in the Palestinian-owned lands in Qasra town, southeast of the occupied West Bank of Nablus

Hani Odeh, mayor of Qasra, stated on Sunday that Israeli settlers seized an area on the top of a mountain and started constructing a settlement outpost.

He added that Israeli settlers have recently built a road to facilitate the settlers’ access to the top of the mountain. They have erected a tent as well.

He added that this newly built settlement is erected with the aim of expanding the settlement of Migdalim. Thus, the Israeli occupation forces will besiege the town from three sides.

According to recent reports, about 666,000 settlers live in the Palestinian-owned lands in 145 Israeli settlements and 140 random outposts in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.