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Thursday, February 2

Israeli Occupation Rejects to Release Body of Palestinian Detainee Abu Hmeid

M.S | DOP -

The Israeli Minister of War, Benny Gantz, decided to detain the body of the Palestinian martyr detainee Nasser Abu Hmeid, and not to hand it over to his family, according to a statement he issued today, Wednesday, December 21, 2022. This brings the number of killed Palestinian detainees, whose bodies are withheld, to 11.

The prisoner Abu Hmeid died in the Israeli “Asaf Harofeh” hospital, yesterday, Tuesday, as a result of the policy of deliberate medical negligence that the occupation prison administration pursues against sick Palestinian detainees.

The health condition of the prisoner Abu Hamid began to deteriorate visibly in August 2021, when he began to suffer from chest pains until it became clear that he had a tumor in the lung, and it was removed. Then, he was transferred back to “Ashkelon” prison, which brought him to this dangerous stage.

He was subjected again to deliberate procrastination in providing him with the necessary medical treatment until he recently started receiving it when the disease spread throughout his body.

Gantz said, “After assessing the situation, and based on the recommendation of security authorities, it was decided to detain the body of (martyr) Nasser Abu Hamid, in line with the decision of the Israeli cabinet for political and security affairs to detain the body, for the purpose of returning the prisoners and missing (Israelis).”

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, about 600 sick detainees in the occupation prisons, who were diagnosed over the past years, face difficult health conditions, including about 200 suffering from chronic diseases, including 24 detainees with tumors and cancer.

With the martyrdom of Nasser Abu Hamid, the number of dead Palestinian detainees has risen to 233, since 1967, in addition to hundreds of prisoners who died after their release due to diseases they inherited in prisons.

The number of prisoners who were killed inside the Israeli occupation prisons, as a result of the policy of medical negligence pursued by the occupation authorities, is 74, since 1967.