Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Israeli Occupation Prevents Sister of Palestinian Prisoner Nael Barghouti from Visiting Him

M.Y | DOP -

The Israeli occupation forces on Sunday denied Hanan Barghouti, the sister of the Palestinian detainee Nael Barghouti, access to him in Nafha Prison after holding her for two and a half hours at Nilin Checkpoint.

In a statement, the Palestinian Prisoners Society asserted that the ruling was based onsecurity grounds“, as the family of Nael had been denied visits for many years and this constituted another means of violation.

Nael‘s only remaining visitors after the passing of his father and brother are his sister Hanan and his wife, Aman Nafie, according to the Prisoners’ Society.

Hanan, his sister, was denied the opportunity to visit him during the first 6 years of his detainment, and since his incarceration in 2014, she has only been able to visit him 8 times in total throughout these years.

Apart from that, Abdul Rahman AlRimawi‘s sister was denied access to see him, and he has been detained for a year now in Ramon prison.