Days of Palestine

Wednesday, June 7

Israeli Occupation Refuse to Deal with 96% of Palestinians Complaints over Settlers’ Crimes


DAYS OF PALESTINE – Israeli investigators often ignore evidence when cases pertain to crimes against Palestinians, fail to question witnesses, or simply close case, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said.

The newspaper reported that only about (4%) of the files of crimes committed by settlers against Palestinians between the years 2018-2020, with national extremism background in the occupied West Bank, were indicted.

Indictments were filed in ten out of 263 files, and there has been a decrease in the number of complaints lodged in recent years.

“The way the Israeli occupation deals with the complainants is a deterrent that prevents them from filing a lawsuit against the settlers’ crimes,” Palestinians told Haaretz. “We often have to wait for hours outside the occupation police stations, and sometimes they are asked to come back in the next day or a few days later” they added.

According to Israeli human rights organization, State-backed settler violence continues unabated. Settlers are attacking Palestinian shepherds in pastureland and entering villages, attacking residents and destroying their property. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the escalated violence has continued daily.

Israeli rights group Peace Now said there was an increase in violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians and their properties.

Israeli settlements are Jewish communities built on Palestinian land, in violation of international law. Today, between 600,000 and 750,000 Israeli settlers live in at least 250 illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.