Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Israeli Occupation Keeps Moving Government Offices to Jerusalem to Obtain International Recognition



A plan was approved on October 14, 2021, to encourage the Israeli government ministries to transfer existing government units and departments in different cities to occupied Jerusalem, within 120 days, aim to obtain international recognition.

Mada Al-Karmel Center for Applied Social Studies in Haifa confirms in an a report that the Israeli occupation government imposes economic and financial sanctions on ministries that do not implement the decision, and sets a time period for implementation, which indicates the government’s seriousness in transferring the remaining offices to Jerusalem in order to deepen the Judaizing policies in the city and imposing the Israeli control.

This is being done to change the quo status in the occupied Palestinian territories, in order to preserve the Israeli occupation government, as its president, Naftali Bennett, explained in an interview with “Ynetnews” on the 3rd of last June. Mada al-Carmel explained.

The Israeli occupation government encourages the transfer of government offices and ministerial units to Jerusalem, in addition to escalating the confiscation of Palestinian lands within the plan to Judaize occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli government seeks to resolve East Jerusalem status and remove it from any future political solution, and aims to consolidate colonial sovereignty over it and increase the rate of violence in the city.

The Israeli government’s decision is based on the “Basic Government Law” and “Jerusalem Capital of Israel” law, both of which require the transfer of all government ministries and departments to occupied Jerusalem.

Haaretz reported in October 2021 that about 100 government units have not yet moved to Jerusalem, and thousands of settlers are working outside the city. These units include: the Israeli Prison Authority; The Food Division of the Ministry of Health; Police Fraud and Traffic Units; Technology departments in the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Education.

The plan for the transition and imposition of sanctions came from Minister Ze’ev Elkin, where transferring government units and departments paln was one of the party’s conditions for joining the coalition government.

It is worth mentioning that the transfer approval will increase the number of settlement and the pressure on the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, and the number of settlers in the city will increase, the system of expelling and forcibly displacing Palestinians in the city will increase in order to establish new construction projects to accommodate the new settlers (employees).