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Israeli Occupation Intensifies Its Siege on Occupied Nablus

Israeli Occupation Forces Imposes Siege on Jericho for Sixth Day in a Row
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Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) intensified Tuesday, March 28, 2023, their siege around Huwara south of occupied Nablus governorate for the fourth day in a raw.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces are still closing the checkpoints of Hawwara and main entrances to the city. Moreover, they are still obstructing the movement of Palestinian citizens by imposing route diversions on Palestinian citizens’ movement through secondary roads inside the town.

Israeli occupation forces continue raiding Palestinian homes in the old city of Nablus, detaining Palestinian youths after assaulting them, and attacking others with tear gas bombs and rubber bullets. 

Back in February 2023, Israeli Jewish settlers attacked city of Huwara in occupied Nablus and sat fire to dozens of Palestinian houses and vehicles, resulting in numerous cases of suffocation, as well as injuries of more than 100 Palestinian citizens.

Not a day passes without IOF constantly break into Palestinian homes, terrorizing families, stopping Palestinian people in the streets, and checking their identities.