Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Israeli Occupation Freezes Construction of Farming Structures Near Qalqilya

Israeli forces stand guard during demonstration against Israeli settlers' seizure of lands in the village of Nilin, west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on May 29, 2021. Photo by WAFA
M.Y | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces issued an order on Sunday to cease construction on two agricultural buildings in the town of Jayyus, located east of Qalqilia in the Palestinianoccupied West Bank, according to local sources.

The Israeli occupation forces informed Nazem Tawfik Salim and Mohammad Qadan, two locals, of an order to halt the building of two rooms that they had intended to use for agricultural activities on their farms.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers planted a large number of grape seedlings on approximately 50 dunams of Palestinianowned land in the Masafer Yatta region, located south of Hebron in the Occupied West Bank.

Rateb Jabour, an antioccupation Palestinian campaigner, said that groups of illegal Israeli settlers from the illegal settlements of Havat Maon, Carmiel and Maon had intruded onto Palestinian lands and planted grape seedlings as a prelude to seizing control of the land.

He reported that the Israeli occupation forces have been denying the Palestinians access to their land in the zone, while providing illegal Israeli settlers with the liberty to enter and depart from these territories.

He stated that the Israeli occupation forces have been restricting Palestinian landowners from entering their lands in the region, while at the same time giving Israeli settlers free access to these lands.