Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Israeli Occupation Forces Nab 16 Palestinians While Razing Bedouin Village

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Days of Palestine – Negev

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped on Tuesday 16 civilians, including a minor, from the village of Al-Atrash in the Negev desert, including three women, local sources said.

They stated that the Israeli police stormed the village and fired rubber-coated metal bullets and sound bombs while carrying out a campaign of arrests in an attempt to deter the Arab residents from confronting the bulldozers that were razing their lands in preparation for its seizure.

A protest tent was demolished, while residents were stopped from accessing their land.

Bedouin in the Negev must abide by the same laws as Jewish Israeli citizens. They pay taxes but do not enjoy the same rights and services as Jews in Israel and the state has repeatedly refused to connect the towns to the national grid, water supplies, and other vital amenities.