Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Israeli Occupation Forces Launch Open War on Occupied Jerusalem

N.S | DOP -

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)are carrying out on Sunday, 18 September, by all means, wide scale violations and arbitrary raids in the city of Jerusalem, in an attempt to Israelize the city and force Palestinian residents to flee their homes, Palestinian National Office to Defend Lands confirmed.

Israeli Occupation Forces are trying to encircle Jerusalem with Israeli settlements and connect them with other settlements outside the city, according to latest report published by The Palestinian National Office to Defend Lands.

Israeli Occupation has confiscated 10 percent of the West Bank, leading to the division of the West Bank into northern ghettos and southern ones.

The report revealed that Jerusalem is confronting an open war by all means by Israeli Occupation Forces.

“Not a single day passes without Israeli Occupation committing atrocities against Palestinians, such as field executions, confiscation of lands, and evacuating civilian Palestinians from their lands,” the reporter added.

According to international law, Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegitimate,