Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap Several Palestinians in Occupied West Bank

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces launched Monday, 3 Octobar 2022, a campaign of raids across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, detaining at least 15 Palestinians after breaking into their homes. 

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces broke into the occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus, and Bethlehem, detaining several Palestinians after raiding their houses in multiple raids across the occupied West Bank.

In the northern West Bank, IOF invaded Nablus city and detained the Palestinian youths Mustafa Odeh and Ahmed Al-Jabrini after breaking into their home in Al-Makhfieh and Al-Dahiya areas. 

IOF closed Hawara military checkpoint south of Nablus and prevented Palestinian vehicles from passing, causing a suffocating crisis.

In Bethlehem, Israeli forces kidnapped the Palestinian young man Mahmoud Issa Hamdan after raiding his house in the village of Shawawra, east of the city.

In occupied Jerusalem, the elderly Palestinian man Imad Abu Khadija reported that Israeli occupation forces broke into his house and kidnapped him together with the Palestinian man Ashraf Al-Hadra from the town of Al-Tur, east of the city.

In the south of the West Bank, IOF invaded Hebron city and arrested the Palestinian young man Rami Al-Tarwa from the town of Sa’ir east of the city after raiding and searching his house.

The Israeli occupation has been conducting near-daily raids in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem since the start of the year during which around 607 Palestinians have been detained so far in August.