Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap Several Palestinians in Occupied West Bank

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Israeli occupation forces launched Thursday, 29 September 2022, a campaign of raids across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, detaining at least 14 Palestinians after breaking into their homes. 

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces broke into the occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, and Qalqilya, detaining several Palestinians after raiding their houses in multiple raids across the occupied West Bank.

In occupied Jerusalem, Israeli heavily-armed forces barged their way into Bedouin town, broke into several houses, and kidnapped the young Palestinian man Abd al-Rahman Mansour one day before his wedding date. 

IOF arrested the freed Palestinian detainee Zahran Zahran from the same town which witnessed massive Israeli incursions last night. 

The two Jerusalemite young men Amir Hazem Al-Sayyad and Mustafa Abu Al-Hawa were kidnapped by an Israeli undercover force from their homes in the town of Al-Tur along with Barakat Al-Zaatari, Zarq Al-Sayyad, and Daoud Abu Hatab. 

In southern Hebron, Israeli occupation troops kidnaped the young Omar Hashem Al-Khelil from the town of Beit Ummar accompanied by 4 young Palestinian men, whose identities have not yet been known. 

In the east of Qalqilya, young Palestinian men Saher and Maher Zaarour reported that Israeli occupation forces detained them along with Imad Shari after invading the village of Sir. 

40 Palestinian young men were detained amid the massive arrest campaign launched by the Israeli occupation forces from Wednesday morning until today, the Ministry of Prisoners in Gaza stated. 

The Israeli occupation has been conducting near-daily raids in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem since the start of the year during which around 607 Palestinians have been detained so far in August.