Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap 12 Palestinians in Occupied West Bank Raids

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces launched Monday, December 19, a campaign of raids across the occupied West Bank, detaining at least 12 Palestinians after breaking into their homes.

In Hebron, Israeli occupation forces arrested the wife of the Palestinian prisoner Bilal Al-Yateem after storming his house in Yatta and vandalizing its furniture and contents.

Al-Yateem, 46, was arrested by Israeli troops along with his son Baraa eight days ago during a campaign of arrests in Hebron.

The Palestinian men Osama Hussein Al-Awawdeh and Musa Ibrahim Abu Qabita reported that Israeli occupation forces invaded their homes, vandalized their content, and kidnapped them.

In Jenin, Israeli heavily-armed forces barged their way into the camp, broke into several houses, and kidnapped the Palestinian men Youssef Bazour, Muhammad Musa Al-Assis, Ahmed Khaled Al-Amour, Muhammad Hasasneh, and Aban Hammad.

In Jerusalem, the Palestinian youths Mahmoud Ahmed Atoun, Qassam Mahmoud Atoun, and Muhammad Suhaib Atoun reported that invaded their home in the town of Sur Bahir along with the freed Palestinian detainee Adel Al-Khatib from Hizma town. 

Palestinian towns and villages in the occuiped West Bank and Jerusalem have seen increased near-daily military raids and violations by Israeli forces in recent months. 

There are 4700 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails illegally held by Israeli occupation including 30 women and 400 children.