Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Occupation Forces Initiate Arrests in The WB and a New raid on Jenin


Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of raids and searches in various areas of the occupied West Bank, during which confrontations took place in some areas and armed clashes in Jenin, while the forces arrested a number of Palestinians.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club reported that the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of raids, during which a number of young men were arrested, which led to confrontations erupting in different areas of the West Bank

The Palestinians arrested were later referred for interrogation to the security services under the pretext of alleged participation in acts of popular resistance.

large forces of the Israeli occupation army stormed Al-Hadaf neighborhood in the city of Jenin and arrested the Ex-prisoner, and leader of the Hamas movement, Atta Al-Jabali, and arrested Muhammad Khaled Abu Jabal.

clashes erupted as the Israeli forces’ raid of the area was faced with resistance from the dwellers of the refugee camp that has been continuously hounded by the Israeli forces ever since late March.

In the Nablus governorate, the occupation forces stormed the town of Beit Furik and arrested the liberated prisoner, Nidal Abu Gholami, after raiding his house, whose wife Lina has been detained two weeks prior.The occupation forces also arrested Laith Abu Gholami.

On another note, a number of civilians were attacked with tear gas in the town of Husan in Ramallah.

Citizens reported that the confrontations focused on the Muteena area at the eastern entrance, where the soldiers fired tear gas and sound bombs at the citizens, causing a number of them to suffocate.

The occupation forces closed the western entrance to the town, and the “Aqba Hasna” area, the main entrance to the western countryside of Bethlehem Governorate.