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Saturday, June 3

Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Cancer-stricken Palestinian in Ramallah

M.S | DOP -

The occupation forces detain on Saturday, September 24, 2022, a Palestinian young man with cancer from the town of Kafr Ein, northwest of Ramallah.

According to local sources, the detention of the Palestinian young man, Asef Al-Rifai, 20, who suffers from colon and gland cancer, was injured three times. He is also a former prisoner, as he was detained three times since he was a child.

The sources added that this is the fourth arrest he has been subjected to by the Israeli occupation forces, and he needs close follow-up and health care, and according to his father, his health condition is serious.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club said that the occupation’s detention of the Palestinian, Al-Rifai, comes within the Israeli escalating violations and arrests against Palestinians, as until the end of August, more than 4800 Palestinian have been detained inside Israeli jails, including sick and wounded.

The Prisoner Club held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate of the young man and all sick prisoners in the occupation prisons and demanded his urgent release so that he could continue his treatment among his family.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation is holding about 600 Palestinian sick prisoners in its prisons, including about 200 detainees with chronic diseases and 23 with cancer and tumors. Now, the Palestinian young man Al-Rifai has been added to them.