Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest 3 Palestinians from Gaza for Allegedly Trying to Infiltrate Nearby Settlements


The Israeli occupation army arrested 3, on Friday, Palestinians in the outskirts of Gaza on the pretext that they were trying to infiltrate to the nearby settlements.

The occupation forces stationed on the eastern border of Gaza Strip arrested three Palestinians, east of Khan Yunis. The Israeli army’s spokesman said that they were arrested as they tried to cross the separation fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli authorities claimed that two bombs and a knife were seized with the young men who were arrested during the infiltration attempt.

About a week ago, the Israeli occupation army arrested two Palestinians on the pretext of trying to cross the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip, claiming that they found two hand grenades and a knife in their possession.

In fact, during the past months, the Israeli occupation army announced the arrest of dozens of Palestinians on the border with Gaza, for allegedly attempting to infiltrate.