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Thursday, March 23

Israeli Occupation Extends Detention of Palestinian Female Detainee Despite Her Serious Health Conditions

Prisoners Club Holds Israeli Occupation Responsible for Disabled Palestinian Female Detainee
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The Israeli occupation extended Thursday, February 9, 2023, the detention of the Palestinian female detainee, Rajaa Karsou’, from Nablus, for 8 days, under the pretext of completing the investigation with her.

The Israeli occupation detains Karsou, 48, in the “Beita Tikfah” detention center, and it prevents her lawyer and family from meeting her, despite the seriousness of her health condition and her need to visit the hospital continuously.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces detained Rajaa Karsou, after storming her house in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, and interrogated her on the field after searching and destroying the contents of the house.

The detainee, Karsou, underwent several surgeries and has platinum in her feet. She also suffers from curvature of the spine, obstruction of the esophagus and shortness of breath. In addition, she uses crutches to walk, and needs continuous treatment, constant follow-up in the hospital, and special injections to facilitate her breathing.

With the detention of Raja Karsou, the number of Palestinian female detainees rises to 29, including 7 mothers and 3 minors. The Israeli occupation detains them in bad conditions in Damon Prison, which lacks the necessities of life.

The occupation deliberately harassed the female detainees, depriving them of their human rights and privacy inside the prison. Palestinian Female Detainee

According to Palestinian figures, Israeli occupation holds currently 4,700 Palestinians, including 29 female prisoners, and 150 minors, in addition to about 900 Palestinian administrative detainees.

The occupation does not exclude the Palestinian elderly, children, women, and the sick from administrative detention, as in the case of the prisoner Abd al-Basit Maatan from the town of Barqa, east of Ramallah. Despite his colon cancer and his urgent need for health follow-up, it re-detained him shortly after his release.

According to Palestinian figures, the Israeli occupation holds currently 4,700 Palestinian detainees, including 29 female detainees, and 150 minors, in addition to about 900 Palestinian administrative detainees.