Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israeli Occupation Escalates Repressive Measures Against Palestinian Detainees in Israeli jails

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation prison administration escalated the repressive measures against the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails compared to the past few months, the Palestinian Prisoners Club stated.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club indicated that the Israeli breakings recently affected most Israeli prisons including Negev, Megiddo, Hadarim, Rimon, and Ofer.

Since late November, two Israeli raids recorded in the Israeli prison of Hadarim, and at least three raids were recorded in the Israeli prison of Ofer, in addition to the ongoing state of tension recently in the section of the female Palestinian prisoners in Damon prison, the Club added.

Recently, the Israeli prison of Negev, one of the largest prisons in terms of the number of prisoners, has been witnessing intensive inspections and arbitrarily transferring Palestinian detainees to other Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club pointed out that Israeli repressive measures are considered one of the most prominent fixed policies pursued by the Israeli occupation prison administration against the Palestinian detainees to strike any state of stability and impose more control and oversight on Palestinian detainees.

Since 2019, Israeli prisons have witnessed a series of breakings and repressive measures described as the most violent in more than ten years during which dozens of Palestinian prisoners were injured.

4,700 Palestinians are currently being held behind bars in 23 Israeli-run prisons and detention centers across the Palestinian-occupied lands.

The Palestinian detainees include 34 female prisoners, 150 children as well as 835 administrative detainees.

600 Palestinian prisoners also suffer from various chronic diseases, arguing that they are subjected to tragic conditions, brutal treatment, and agonizing torture, highlighted the statement.

Palestinian prisoners are held in inhumane conditions, do not receive necessary medical care, and are exposed to deliberate medical neglect.