Days of Palestine

Tuesday, May 30

Israeli Knesset Member: Israeli Community Ready to Accept Establishment of Semi-Nazi Gas Ovens for Palestinians


Ofer Kasif said on Tuesday that the Israeli public opinion currently permits the construction of gas furnaces like the ones used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews.

He likened the march of Israeli flags in Jerusalem to the marches of Nazi organizations
The leftist member of the Knesset said during an event in Jerusalem for left-wing and “peace” activists: The prevailing mass collective mentality in “Israel” allows the establishment of gas stoves to be used against the Palestinians.

In his speech, Kassif compared the Israeli “flags march” to the marches of Nazi organizations in Germany, and said that the Palestinian people are being subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide, and what is happening now is “granting legitimacy to the genocide of a people (meaning the Palestinians) .”

These statements come in the light of the ongoing raids over various Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem by both Israeli settlers and the occupation forces alike along with an arrest spree of Palestinian children, women, and youth under hazy pretexts of violating laws that are conveniently tailored to capture and violate Palestinians’ lives.

potages of settlers hurting Palestinian civilians and/ or vandalizing their property. anti-Arab chants are being sung and written on walls during the Israeli marches.

The killing and hurting of children is entertained by the fact that these children are nothing but future terrorists. the distribution of wealth, resources, and representation in Palestine show not only a flagrant bias towards the Israeli population but rather a full-fledged dehumanization that renders the Palestinians as sub-humans whose lives are worthless.

This is the same system that has killed an unarmed veteran journalist in broad daylight and tarnished her funeral in front of the whole world while they still get the benefit of the doubt or even utter and sheer impunity.

this is the same system that whenever presented with facts that calls the spade an apartheid demes whoever made that statement regardless of their race antisemitic. it is indeed that the boy calling the wolf anti-sematic or rather the wolf calling the boy that.