Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli Forces Order to Demolish 5 Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem

B.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces ordered five Palestinian families to evacuate their homes intending to demolish them in the Jabal Al-Mukaber area in occupied Jerusalem, on Saturday night, February 11, 2023.

Palestinian local sources reported that Israeli occupation authorities notified the demolition of five Palestinian homes owned by the families of Ibrahim Bashir, Zaid Bashir, Adam Bashir, Othman Oweisat, and Ihab Al-Husseini.

Meanwhile, Palestinian activists called for the mobilization in Jabal Al-Mukaber to confront the Israeli demolitions in the area. This came following the increasing number of demolition orders issued by Israeli occupation authorities.

Ben-Gvir’s order to start a new military operation in Jerusalem is supposed to go into effect on Sunday. The operation aims at carrying out large-scale campaigns of detentions, demolitions, and raids.

21 Palestinians are currently living in the Jerusalem town of  Jabal Al-Mukaber. They survive daily incursions and attacks by Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli occupation forces regularly invade Palestinian homes in the town. During their raids, the IOF fire tear gas canisters and kidnap dozens.

Israeli occupation authorities are planning to demolish 80 residential units in Jabal Al-Mukaber.  Israel wants to displace their owners, in favor of the settlement expansion.

Last Tuesday, Palestinian people in Jabal announced a comprehensive strike in the town to protest against the Israeli recent threats of demolishing more Palestinian homes and structures.