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Israel-U.S. Relations Strained as Netanyahu Refuses Biden’s Request and Ben-Gvir Says ‘We’re Not Part of America’

Israel-U.S. Relations Strained as Netanyahu Refuses Biden's Request and Ben-Gvir Declares 'We're Not Part of America'
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The Israeli opposition lawmaker Benny Gantz declared Wednesday that U.S. President Joe Biden’s statement expressing his “very serious” concern over Israel’s plan to weaken its judiciary is an “urgent wake-up call” for the nation, while the Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir from the far-right retorted that Israel is “not another star on the American flag.”

Gantz stated that rupturing ties with the U.S. is like a “strategic terror attack” and that Netanyahu must mandate his negotiators involved in the legal legislation to immediately take action to mend the issue.

Biden said on Tuesday that Israel must not persist in this direction, which came shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu declared a stoppage in the bill to alter Israel’s justice system.

Netanyahu tweeted his gratitude for the Biden’s loyalty to Israel, but he also noted that the country is independent, and any decisions made are due to the will of its citizens, regardless of any external pressures, even from allies.

Netanyahu affirmed that his government is devoted to solidifying democracy by bringing back a healthy balance among the three branches of government, which they are endeavoring to attain through a widespread agreement.